Anti Gravity Racing Kit 2.2

Free Demo Available!

Get the latest demo for version 2.2 here (Update 01/22)


The AG Racing Kit is a package for anti gravity racing games in Unreal Engine 4. Key part of this package is the physically based anti gravity vehicle controller with a fully customizable physics setup - featuring adjustable levitation height, thrust-, airbrake-, stabilization and drag forces. Additional features like auto align functionality, animated airbrakes and dynamic camera movements contribute to a smooth and polished driving experience. Visit the homepage and get a free demo.


• Flexible Physics Setup
• Magnetic lock to Surface Functionality
• Smooth Camera Setup
• Spline Based Autopilot
• Airbrakes with Animated Flaps
• Smooth Keyboard and Controller Input
• Autopilot Controls
• Advanced Spline Track Blueprint
• Racing Manager / Checkpoint System
• 100% modular Blueprints
• Demo Environment Included


Documentation for 2.0.X is available here

Updates & Fixes

**Update 2.2.2 - Engine Version 4.26 - Please update your Project to Unreal Engine 4.26 before importing to receive this version **

  • New: Offroad Demo Map
  • New: Autopilot Offroad Demo Map
  • Improved: Vehicle Physics Improvements
  • Improved: Spline Track Blueprint
  • **Fixed: **Spline Track Editing Improvements

Update 2.2.1 - Engine Version 4.24 - 4-25

  • New: AG Vehicle Child Blueprints for varying AI Difficulty
  • New: 3 new Vehicle Presets, different Vehicle Setups

Update 2.1a

  • Fixed: Checkpoint Reset Issue for Open Tracks
  • Fixed: Total Race Time for Single Player in Race Overview
  • Improved: Autopilot Setup optimized for Demo Track
  • Improved: Additional AI Player Preset in the Racing Manager
  • Improved: Refractive Glass Material for specific Track Parts
  • Improved: Post Process Settings in Demo Map

Update 2.1

  • **Improved: **Racing Manager Blueprint Organization
  • **Improved: **Optimized Vehicle Physics, Lowered Ship Floating Height
  • Improved: Spline Track Blueprint, Optimized Auto Spline Shapes
  • Improved: Pre, Post Race UI Design
  • New: New Demo Track, Cinematic Level Sequence

Update 2.0.5

  • **Improved: **Autopilot Blueprint setup (more macros, cleaner overview)
  • **Fixed: **Resolved Autopilot scan issues for large tracks
  • **2.0.5 a: **Fixed a label displaying a previous version number

Update 2.0.4

  • New: Advanced pre-and post-race screen with player positions and race results
  • **New: **Spawn controller for a simple race setup with AI / player vehicles
  • **Improved: **Advanced racing AI / Autopilot setup
  • **Improved: **Optimized Racing Manager Blueprint

Update 2.0.3

  • New: Checkpoint nodes for a better workflow with the checkpoint system
  • **Improved: **Respawn at last checkpoint shifted to the racing manager - resulting in a cleaner level BP
  • **Improved: **Spline roll for non terrain aligned spline tracks
  • **Improved: **Cleaner checkpoint system node organization in the Racing Manager
  • **Fixed: **Checkpoint sound gets only triggered for the locally controlled player
  • Fixed: Checkpoint loop issue resolved when ship respawns at the start of the race

Update 2.0.2

  • Improved: Game Mode Preset in Demo Map’s World Settings - No Additional Setup Required
  • Fixed: Landscape Rendering Issue Resolved

Update 2.0.1

  • New: Cinematic demo level intro
  • Improved: More direct and responsive vehicle steering
  • Improved: Variable slider calibration for an easy vehicle setup in the Details Panel
  • Improved: Racing Manager node organization - more use of Macros for a clear overview
  • Improved: demo map lighting setup
  • **Fixed: **Respawn at last checkpoint fixed

Update 2.0

  • **New: **Spline Based Autopilot Controls
  • **New: **Spline Track Blueprint with Procedural Spline Generator
  • **New: **Procedural Environment Mesh Instance Placement
  • New: Racing Manager & Checkpoint System
  • New: Sample UI displaying racing data and vehicle speed
  • Improved: Refined Vehicle Setup with Better Physics and more Functionality

Update 1.1

  • **New: **Added network replication
  • **New: **Engine version 4.18 supported
  • New: Game mode with player spawn setup
  • New: Modulated Boostpad Sound
  • Improved: better input handling
  • Improved: Vehicle Sound Attenuation for 3d Sound

Getting Started

  • Import the new 2.0 package into your project
  • Go to **Project Settings -> Engine -> Input **and apply these input settings or import the Input File from my Website.

  • Go to Edit -> Project Settings and set the AG_Gamemode as your default Game Mode
  • Open the example map and enter Play Mode

Please Note

  1. Make sure to read the documentation once you decided to get the package, all important features are explained in detail.

  2. Please send one message or post at a time, I will get back to you mostly within 24h.

  3. I do my best to keep the tools compatible and updated with the most recent engine versions. If you find an issue, bugs or potential improvements, please report it in this thread and I will take a closer look to fix the issue with the following update.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for the tip!

Also, I’m trying to use a hand-modeled track with AG Racing Kit. If you have a chance, can you explain that process?

I added the RacingManager and AGDemoSequence blueprints to my scene, and then specified my Race Track FBX model as the spline track. But no luck with the game starting correctly.