Anti Cheat/Hack Services

Hello, I am curious if anyone been able to get prices from the big anti cheat services like battleye, fairplay, punk buster and etc. Please post your results here. I am not interested in making my own realy. Have not been able to find anything on them except they have forms to fill out and I dont like to fill out forms unless need to. Thank You

You won’t get that information publicly; if you’re interested in their services you will need to contact them directly.

Point i just wanna get ballpark of what they charge. I didnt want to contact them atm and this stage. But due to high hackers im not sure if I gonna continue to develop my game.

This thread needs more attention. Now that Epic has implemented Battleye into Fortnite, it would be really nice to have a blog post about it or help streamline a way for us to make it more transparent for our own projects. Hacking, cheating, ESP / wallhacks, Aimbots, value changes, they are a HUGE problem that make alot of us devs scared to continue working on a multiplayer competitive game. We need greater info on this topic, especially Battleye (since that seems to be the best) for both our piece of mind as well as securing the engine as a full proof framework.

There is no proper anti-cheat system currently on the market. I’m working on one but it’s not even in an alpha stage. One of the reasons you see so many cheats for UE4 popping up is because it’s open-source, you don’t need to reverse engineer a lot to read out values. Until the next GDC i should have something sophisticated.

UE4 is not open-source.

However, it is always very easy to read data out of memory so long as you can identify what you’re looking for.

Yea, he makes a good point. I don’t see how you can make a game cheat proof or un-hackable. So long as the memory is exposed it will always be a problem. I think this just goes with the territory. Like your game getting pirated. After releasing it, it’s going to happen.

If you check your data from the server and restrict the client from only doing visual data its pretty easy to spot hackers. With a good report system and a GM to ban them makes it easier.

Battle Eye is bypass able in many ways so its not full proof.

If your not willing to put in the time to validate what the client does and do some checks on the client then you deserve to be hacked.

‘Dumb terminal’ clients only work for non-real time games; networked games moved on from that for a reason (latency).

There is literally no possible way to stop an ESP or wall-hack style hack from working, because the client must know the positions of all relevant players in order to locally simulate them. Similarly, aim-bots are extremely hard to detect for the same reason, since they operate on the same data and simulate input locally.

This! Allow manipulation but catch it server-sided. A general rule would be that the client cannot be trusted, therefore it’s pointless to run any software on the client in the first place. Fortnite for example has a battleye emulator currently. They might get it fixed but you playing the going back and forth game…

I remember that there was an interesting Anti-Cheat/Memory Protection here in the forums. That may be an interesting way to protect your game.