Anti-Cheat Business Looking for C++ Game Programmers!

[ROYALTY] Anti-Cheat Business Looking for C++ Game Programmers!

Project Title:
Anti-Cheat Business

We’re looking for a C++ Game Programmer to work on a new Anti-Cheat Business. There is a potential ownership stake involved.

This business is not related to programming an actual Anti-Cheat. It will not be used to detect cheaters. It is a service to be connected to existing anti-cheat.

The game needs to be able to communicate with a database similar to MySQL. It has to transmit data to that database and receive data back. I have the MySQL guy on board, and he knows what he needs to do, but we don’t know how that interacts with C++.

Right now there are several games that pass data from the game to a website. That’s the type data transfer we need.

It’s going to be a lot of learning involved. But not a lot of time. Say maybe 10 hours a week or so. At this stage it’s mostly doing research on how it “could be” done.

Because this service doesn’t currently exist, we’re hesitant to go into in-depth details in a public forum post. You can legally patent / protect a product, whereas ideas get no legal protection whatsoever.

To fully implement the service we’ll need a single C++ Game Programmer.

We do have a full Powerpoint Briefing available for those individuals who would like to know more. <-----------------------Important!

The individual must currently reside inside the United States and be a legal United States resident. Telecommute / Online work is OK, relocation is not necessary. We’ll explain why during the briefing.

Team Structure**:**
Ecommerce Developer (Filled)
C++ Programmer (Need 1 Person)
Website / Database Developer (Filled)

Previous Work:
Ecommerce Developer has 10+ Years of Ecommerce Development / Ownership with over 6 Million Dollars in sales.

Talent Required:
C++ Game Programmer

  • Must have C++ Programming Experience, not just Blueprints.
  • Must be willing to take on challenging tasks and do / learn whatever is needed to accomplish them.
  • Self motivated and driven to succeed.
  • Must be a legal US resident and currently residing inside the United States.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

We have our first Website / Database Developer interview today! They have a little C++ and 5+ years of Web Programming experience.

Still looking for a C++ Game Programmer!

You have nothing to lose by just stopping by and hearing the Powerpoint presentation. Yes, there is a potential co-owner stake for the eventual C++ programmer!

Stopping by to introduce myself, I’m the guy referenced above. As advertised I have 5+ years of freelance experience with web development on the LAMP stack and .NET with C#. I have not personally worked with C++ for several years, which makes my recency of experience very limited. We are actively seeking an individual with C++ experience to join us for this venture. This project has realistic objectives and is not another “pie in the sky.” If you understand the fundamentals of C++ and can work with server code (authentication/authorization) then this would be a great project for you. The scope of this project as advertised might be misleading in regards to making this project sound like a huge undertaking, but it is just a small piece of the Anti-cheat industry, and you really need to sign an NDA to get the details to see that. This truly is a perfect opportunity for someone who is ready for some “real world” experience to build their portfolio.

Still looking for a C++ Programmer!

I totally understand that anti-cheat doesn’t sound sexy. It’s not COD. It’s not Multiplayer Survival. After you get the presentation though, I guarantee you’ll be interested (especially if you’re a multiplayer gamer)!

With all due respect, I don’t believe you can provide anything better than Easy Anti-Cheat ( Easy Anti-Cheat ) which is already out there and was recently bought by Epic Games.

Thanks for your message!

I completely agree with you. If we were trying to compete against Easy Anti-Cheat, VAC, Punkbuster, Battleye, that would be a lost cause.

That’s not what this is though. This is a service that is added to a game. It doesn’t detect cheaters. It doesn’t ban people.

I was probably a little too vague on the initial description so I’ll do a bit more here:

The game needs to be able to communicate with a database similar to MySQL. It has to transmit data to that database and receive data back. I have the MySQL guy on board, and he knows what he needs to do, but we don’t know how that interacts with C++ game code.

Right now there are several games that pass data from the game to a website. That’s the type data transfer we need.

It’s going to be a lot of learning involved. But not a lot of time. Say maybe 10 hours a week or so. At this stage it’s mostly doing research on how it “could be” done.

Once we get the first game on-board, part of that agreement will include the “game developer’s” C++ programmers helping our C++ programmer to do the integration.

At some point after doing a few integrations with the “game developer” C++ programmers help, our C++ programmer won’t need help anymore.

It’ll be interesting, it’ll be hard, it’ll be fun, it’ll be frustrating, but in the end I think it could be highly profitable. Just need to get it to work :slight_smile:

A client can be the end user, or the dedicated server in this context. But either way these clients should **never **be able to connect directly to a database that contains sensitive informations, but indirectly only, which means a server backend API has to be created, and over a communication channel opened with it, would submit certain type (and amount) of data) by following a specified protocol scheme provided by the api. The server can interpret then inject some of these informations into the tables of the database. The end user client should never get access to the database, and it’s best to be putting the database on a separate node running only in a local network behind the front side of the backend services.

You can also setup more involving network structures where the load balancer takes care of incoming connections, handling them out to individual processing nodes that are “reading” these incoming data from users, then upon success they will interact with the database behind the curtains of the gateway.

The server backend can use any type of communication protocols, whether it is based on HTTP or raw socket (,etc), it is preferred to send sensitive data over encrypted (ssl) channels. Websockets are capable of doing these type of encryptions. SSL adds a bit of a computation overhead since the encryption / decryption of data, that is reducing the possible data transmission rates (throughput) and require more processing power on the backend. As well as adds a bit of a headache setting it all up.

Not that the rest would be a walk in a park, but it’s all possible to setup. You are in luck that many great developers have already been created all sorts of amazing library intergrations, they all ready (or at least very close to ready) to use with unreal. Not neccessarily the database communications, but there are json libs, websokets, and so on. Some are available on the marketplace, the rest can be found on github.

There might be better network setups out there, and certified network engineer / specialists can provide you with the specific technology related answers. One kind i know of are at Amazon, but i’m sure there are many company / government level of services out there with their own pros and cons. Not only financial related cons what i mean.

An anti cheat service that dont detect cheaters, well thats a first and really unique service. Cant wrap my head around your “service” have you done any cheats yourself? I dont need access to the database to cheat and you cant stop packet sniffing.

Thanks for your reply Konflict! That is a lot of outstanding information.

Yeah, we’re working through the ways that we can do that “indirect and encrypted” communication with the database. We definitely don’t want direct access.

Also thanks for the info on json libs and websokets! That will give our eventual C++ programmer a direction to start moving in.

Thanks for your reply Lambdarevolution!

Yeah, it’s something new. There have been hints of it out there, and even a single step in the direction of what we’re doing. But nobody has dived in headfirst to do it fully.

It’s not a cheat. It’s not anti-cheat. It’s a service to be connected to games that use anti-cheat.

Still looking for a C++ Programmer! Making big strides on the Ecommerce and Database side, but need C++ for it all to work together.

This week we’re working on a couple of different things!


  • Testing both the website and the ecommerce platform on Droid, Samsung, and Apple mobile devices.
  • Generating Branding Logos / Icons in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Demo video.


  • Researching Database hosting options.
  • Investigating Database to C++ communication methods.

If we can get a C++ programmer on board we’ll be launching in a month or two! Just need 10 hours a week for a little while! Potential Equal Ownership stake for the C++ programmer!

Unlike building a video game for several years, we’ll be up and running in several months! A lot less time investment!

If you want to hear more, hit us up for a briefing!

Here’s our Trello Board:

You can see from the task cards that the vast majority of the work is business related. The Database side also has quite a few tasks. The C++ has very few tasks that need to be accomplished.

I left a few cards visible that don’t give away the core of the business idea. The last checklists tasks of “Potential Partner / Owner Selection” is just for the C++ individual.

The “Future TBD” cards are largely tasks that we need to complete after launch.

Still looking for a C++ programmer!

Still looking for a C++ programmer!

Not a lot of work needed for a potential ownership stake!

You won’t find that in any indie video game team, those require a LOT of time and effort.

Still looking for a C++ programmer.

Stop by today and get a briefing on the business to see if you’re interested!

Still looking for a C++ Programmer!

Got the first commercial video draft done for the business. Now we’re on to finding some voice acting talent.

The ecommerce portion of the business is basically done at this point. The database portion is 50-75% done. Just waiting on the final C++ portion and we’re LIVE!