Anti-aliasing value above 1 a mesh will become see through

I have a strange render bug when I switch AA quality to value bigger than 1. Mesh becomes see-through when it moves. Here’s a video: - YouTube

Mannequin renders fine though, without visual artifacts. But shooter game hero doesn’t.

Hi Tim,

I’m not really able to see what you’re talking about from the video. I setup a simple test similar to this with some materials that would be easier to tell if the mesh was becoming transparent. The only thing that seems remotely transparent was around the neck plate on the back. But this looked more like reflections than something that is see-through.

Can you reproduce this in a scene that is clearly showing the issue you’re describing? It should be reproducible with other moving objects as well to confirm as a potential bug with the rendering.

Thank you!


I did some research and found out that the core of a problem is Render Target texture. My character blueprint has SceneCaptureCube component. When the texture is not assigned there are no artifacts. But when I assign a cube render target artifacts appear. Not only antialiasing but motion blur also. Here’s video with closer view: - YouTube