Anti Aliasing Speed up animation

When I Add Anti Aliasing the animation becomes very fast for the character and I put flags it’s crazy
what are the setting that keeps antialiasing and normal animation speed?

I can’t get it, what’s the relation between anti-aliasing and the animation of a character? Isn’t anti-aliasing a rendering part and animation more to a character?
Is it rendering is the problem? :thinking:


I think the problem is the cloth simulation is working over the 32 frames and the antialiasing compresses the speed to be in 1 frame so what I see is 32x speed of the cloth simulation
Down below are what happened in screen-captured images and videos.
I can’t find a solution please help

with Anitalising

Without Antialiasing

I Also tried FXAA TAA MSAA TSR and None ?
this flag is simulated with wind inside unreal



Solution is NO TEMPORAL SAMPLES. For some reason that ruins cloth simulations…

Try using AA and only use spatial samples, try 8x, and set temporal samples to 1. Make sure to “override AA” and select “none” below that.

The problem with spatial samples is no motion blur! We cannot deiver a cinematic product without a motion blur and there’s no plugin out there making a decent one. We need a true in engine motion blur! I hope that UE will fix this as soon as possible