Anti-aliasing on 3D widget UI elements on Oculus Go

I am having an issue where my UI in world space looks really blurred and all the edges are really rugged. This isn’t the issue with UI that is much closer to the camera or really large UI but some of my UI has to be smaller and at a bit of a distance. I want to find out if there is a work around or if the only solution is to change the UI.

I have tried playing around with AA settings, switching from MSAA, FSAA , Temporal AA and even none and while they look a bit different none of them solve the problem. Of the three settings Temporal AA looks the best in engine but once I make the build the UI looks bad again.

I have also tried changing the scalability settings, from epic to low and still no real difference.

I have also tried using images and in engine dynamic text and both look just as bad.

Other than possible solutions to this particular problem I’d like to find out what are the best practices in unreal engine VR in terms of placing UI in world space, how far away from the camera? What size? What Font?

Above is image of text that looks kind of okay, just not this looks worse than it does in a build because i captured it in engine