Anti-aliasing in Movie Render Queue produces first bad frame

Hi guys

Can’t find an answer anywhere…

I’ve created a Camera Cuts track and assigned few cameras to it. One after another.
When using Movie Pipeline with Anti-Aliasing setting turned on, when a camera changes, I get a frame that is a mix of a new camera and a default scene camera.

So the 0 frame of this camera cut is wrong, the rest is fine. Then when a camera changes I get once again a bad frame and the rest goes fine.

Checking off anti-aliasing gets rid of a problem. But the image quality drops…

How to get rid of this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I found a weird workaround by dragging the camera cut track before frame 0.
Not sure if its right, but it worked for me

I’ve experienced the same issue a few times . . I deleted everything from the list, did a re-start, and added again, and it worked fine, you should also get decent results saving as exr file format without anti-a on . . hope you will get it all working, good luck!

Are you seeing motion blur artifacts?
Motion blur requires a start position before the first frame.