Anthropia Games is looking for an artist

Hello, I’m currently looking for an artist who is looking to make a game but has little or no prior programming experience. In response for your work you will receive programming training until we can get a budget. After we start receiving Patreon donations your cut will still include training but also 35% of the Patreon funds. Please keep in mind that this is a furry game, so if you dislike anthropomorphic animals this isn’t the gig for you. So what will i do, the gameplay and ai programming, ui, design and of course the future recruiting.

So what is our game? Saving Anthropia is a mature/adult anthropomorphic fantasy rpg. Unlike most other adult furry games you’ve seen recently it isn’t about sexuality, but rather about exploration and adventure. I give it the adult rating because there will be adult elements allowed but not encouraged. The story will begin with a 17 year old character that is customizable and will be placed into a futuristic environment with a virus that causes the infected to mutate into various creatures. At first all mutations will be scripted but as the game progresses the mutations will change into a more dynamic set and of course there will also be bosses and dungeons. The main goals of the game are to find survivors, kill infected and survive yourself, but going through the hoards without going through dungeons will eventually leave the player without new supplies to take them out as each dungeon will have a unique item that can be unlocked to change gameplay or simply make killing the infected more fun. One thing to note, the infected in this game are not zombies, none are mindless and the mutations can be extraordinary.

So if that sounds interesting to you then come on in. Please contact me via skype at live:levidrago or shoot me a pm

Position is still open for anyone interested