don’t understand why each time I am trying to access a google or forum link starting by

I get :

…very complicated to search solution with that !!! Any trick ? Thanks !

Sounds weird. Maybe I don’t fully understand.

Ok thanks ! Firefox problem it look like. Working on Chrome…i don’t like Chrome…never mind. :wink:

Probably not an issue with the browser itself, but with the cache or cookies saved on the browser. Clear the cache and cookies on Firefox and things will probably be fixed.

You could easily clear the cache and cookies in your browser and try again. You could also use Edge to find out if there is a problem with that, too. As Edge is not used much by people, you’ll be able to narrow down on the cause of the problem.

No cache is not the problem…I am using a old version of Firefox because of a plugin I need…never mind…I don’t like Chrome because of my privacy is important to me and google do not respect it, but i will use chrome only to be able to reach ue4 answers…UE4 worth it.