Answers is in serious need of better moderation

Or is there moderation at all?

Many questions simply needs to be closed with a comment that they are not acceptable.
Many users do not know how to or that they should accept answers as correct, this has to be done more often for them.

Users with a high score/rating should be able to moderate posts, just like it works at Stack Exchange: edit the question of another user to make it conform to guidelines, close a question if it’s not a good fit at all, mark answers as correct, etc.

A answer hub needs strict enforcing of rules/guidelines, to be a viable place for information and not just clutter.

I should not see posts in Japanese on the front page, when my language is set to English.

Users spamming Answers with **** should be temporarily banned from posting:

^ Please, get rid of this user now.

Same goes for users posting the same question several times.

And why do I lose karma points for down-voting a question? That makes no sense.

Right now, Answers makes UE community look very unprofessional, not a good way of greeting new or potential users.

there is but you cant expect them to be searching the posts every second of every day.

I think that’s just because the other languages are split into sections the same a BP or rendering and they are quite rare anyway.

spammers like that get permanently banned which is what I just did(and deleted those posts) but they post quite a lot so I don’t think having a few spam posts is that bad, I mean a few months ago the spammers where hitting the answerhub so bad even I jumped in to help delete the hundreds of threads/posts they were making every day.

I don’t expect posts to be moderated every second, but quite a bit more moderation than now.
I can dig up plenty of both questions and answers that should be moderated which are days and weeks old.

If the workload is too great, then you just need more moderators, I’m sure many would volunteer.

Good thing you got rid of the spammer.

We take care of such spammers whenever we run into them or see them as new post notification or when they get caught in moderation queue. Feel free to send me a PM if you run into such posts that we and the moderation queue miss.