Answering own questions on AnswerHub

I suggest adding a checkbox on AnswerHub that allows answering your own question, before you actually post it. There is a checkbox like this on Stackoverflow and it allows submitting tips and solutions you found for others and future you, without making others waste their time trying to help you.

You can already answer and accept your own answer to your own question.

Like Jacky said.

I’m aware of that. Did you actually read my suggestion? Here is the relevant part:

And again, you can post your question and then answer it right after. The only thing that would be an addition from your suggestion is having a new Solutions section like Bug Reports, Licensing, Packaging and Deployment, etc. so that people can search under that and find a solution right away instead of searching through other unanswered questions.

That’s not what I’m saying.

I post a question. I proceed by answering my question. While I type in my answer, others are reading my question, wasting their time. That’s what the checkbox is for on Stackoverflow. It opens an additional answer box and you can submit both at the same time.

Write you issue in a notepad, Write your sollution in a notepad, Copy the issue over, Click submit, Copy the Sollution, Submit it as an answer.

Hey Bajee,

Thank you for your feedback about the AnswerHub’s question and answering format. We are still making alterations to the AnswerHub’s features and will take this into consideration. Until this functionality is available, you may wish to write down the question and answer first, as DieByZer0 suggests or, if it is very detailed, post it as a guide on the Wiki.

Thank you!