Hi All,

Is anyone else having issues posting to the AnswerHub site? I can not post anything on the site do I need to do something special?


Is it your first post on answerhub? -> when thats the case, it has to be approved by a moderator first :slight_smile:

Actually that’s not the case on the Answerhub. (at least not yet, but possibly coming soon)

@werx60. I’ve looked over your account and I don’t see any obvious issue. I also don’t see any posts of yours waiting in Moderation.

Can you please share more details about what you are trying to post? … a new Question? A comment or an answer on an existing Question?

And then specifically, what happens when you try to post? Is there an error message?


Thanks Stephen for checking into this. Its very strange all I am trying to do is ask a question. I have enclosed a screen cap of an example question I have.

I click on the “ask question” and it brings me back to the top of the page and nothing has changed except the drop down “which section do you wish to post in” is blank I fill that out again and hit the ask question button and it just does the same thing.

Ok now its just playing with me because I just did it again and it worked! My question is posted successfully.

No idea whats going on.

Glad it’s working now.

The issue might have been that you didn’t add any tags at the bottom. They are a requirement, and there should be some text that says you need them when they’re missing.