Answerhub website friendly to visually challenged

hi, I happen to be visually challenged and when using the answer hub website, due to the fact that I’m using high contrast theme in Windows, the icons are not visible above the text box, please take a look at this snapshot for a better understanding, which shows side-by-side the same website format with and without high contrast theme enabled. it makes it difficult to add links or attachments or code formatted text, as I can not see any icons, so I have to hunt for them starting left to right and hover in small increments up until I reach the icon showing the toolbox that I need

Is there any way to update the website format to make the icons visible when high contrast theme is enabled?


alt text

Hi room101.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any way currently to update the site to your needs, however I have logged a ticket for us to review this with the site developer for a possible update in the future.