answerhub: The question is waiting approval by a moderator.


3 days ago I posted a question on answerhub, but it looks like it is not available for the public yet. At least if I look at the question there is a small Note, stating that “The question is waiting approval by a moderator.”. Considering the amount of questions posted there, I wonder if this is the normal workflow?

Anyway, I’m impatiently waiting for the approval :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tobias

This is the link to the question,

If the filter caught an inappropriate word in the post that may be the cause. I cant see the question either so you’ll have to wait for Epic staff.

Hey digibert,

Sorry about the mix up. Just saw that your post need approval. It has been approved.

Thanks for your patience.

Hey Sean,

great thanks for the quick response!