AnswerHub Team: Mention relevant Files of a Problem

Is it possible that answers of the AnswerHub team mentions the approximate files which are affected of a problem when:

  • a missing feature is currently backloged
  • it isn’t a “bug”, but done by design. Sometimes it is necessary for a project to change that design
  • general currently not solvable issues by the epic team
  • other circumstances

as a standard process?

The codebase of UE4 is pretty massive and I have difficulties to find the right attack point to a problem sometimes. I know that the answerhub team themself doesn’t know the full source code and how everything works. But often the staff member is asking someone, who actually knows about it, so it would be good to get information of this person which files the user should look into.

Some advantages are that the community can easier help to solve problems or implement missing features for which the epic team currently has no time for. Thus it would encourage to use and share modified source code to make UE4 even better.

The Answerhub team is already doing a great job. At this point I would like to thank them.