Answerhub still mostly unresponsive. 4+ months plus now :(

Hey guys,

Just checking in, Answerhub still barely manages to load for me and it’s been wayyy over four months since I initially reported this. On the freak occasion that it does, it’s still unbelievably slow, but it never times out. I’m in south-west Cornwall UK with a good connection, and every other unreal site works just fine.

This all started when the cross-website login system was implemented, but it never works for me on answerhub anyway since I always explicitly have to sign in. Tried clearing cache, cookies etc. Still no luck. Somethings definitely still up!

That’s weird, i never had any major issues with answerhub.

Whatever it is it only seems to affect a small portion of users, sucks for people who wanna work on that badge game :wink:

It’s been hanging frequently here, too (Seattle, USA). Try forcing a reload (ctrl + F5); this usually fixes it for me.

For what it’s worth: I just got a new computer with new windows and all. Answerhub now works well for me on that machine with Firefox. On my old machine with Firefox, Answerhub is still hanging at the spinning circly and I have to click relod a few times to show anything. On that same old machine, Answerhub shows up for me when I use Google Chrome.
there is definitely something incompatible with the browser, it has nothing to do with the location of the client or so. What it is, i don’t know because my old machine was like so many old machines: Full of garbage plugins and apps and tons of utterly useless **** that you just cant separate from windows anymore, like the deceased Mr.Solo could not easily be separated from Goldfinger’s gold…
I would check the browser, maybe uninstall it completely and reinstall it or so.

Nah no good for me, I just came back to my folks place in Plymouth UK and get the same result here (same machine).

But, I also get it in work too - which is a newer machine with a fresh Win 10 install on it. Perhaps it’s an issue with Answerhub in Firefox?

Might be, try it on other browsers and see if you get the same problem. I’m using chrome and have no delay in loading Answerhub

Hey TheJamsh,

Sorry to hear you are still having issues with the Answerhub. Please let us know the results of testing on another browser. I’m making the site developers aware of this issue to see if they have anything else to recommend or investigate.


To those of you who are still experiencing slow performance, can you provide me with screenshots of your networking tab in firefox or chrome while experiencing the slow performance?

In chrome or firefox simply right click on the page, click inspect element, and then click on the Network tab and refresh. Please capture each entry and if needed feel free to send me multiple screenshots.
Its important to only capture network shots of slow page loads, this will help us determine if there are latency issues with specific resources being delivered from different regions to your region.

After that please click on the Console tab and copy any errors that you see there and send those to me as well.

I appreciate your help and we’ll do our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.


P.s please send them to me via PM.