Answerhub page is not usable on mobile devices

The answerhub portal is not usable on mobile devices.
I am using second screens a lot but the page is not responsive on smartphones.
Can you make this awesome portal responsive for moving let devices?
Using it on a iPhone 6s plus is hard because:

  • page header has strange media breakpoints
  • Text is very tiny
  • On zoom the sidebar occupies 80% of the screen and can not be swiped away

Do you need more info?

Hi weberl,

I have tested this on an HTC Vigor and the pages appeared as I would expect. What device are you currently using?

Hi Adam,

I am using an iPhone 6s plus with the default safari browser.
The fonts are very small and as soon as I start to zoom, I get a black overlay.

Here’s a screenshot:

I am having the same problem on galaxy s5. It occurs most of the times.
I even cannot attach a screenshot by my mobile device due to this issue right now because when I want to accept sending the screenshot every thing go behind that black page

I was able to reproduce this on a Galaxy S5 and have entered a bug report, DZON-339, to be assessed by the development staff.