AnswerHub - Or How i learned to stop worrying and ignore the wall of text.

As of today, Answerhub is gaining about 30 posts every 10 minutes. This is leading to great difficulty in being able to field questions, let alone asking them. People with important questions are turning to IRC and the Forums to get questions addressed, because they are not feeling comfortable with using AH for anything beyond a comment.

I am not sure what we can do to improve the use of any AH/Stack Overflow model in this situation short of some absolutely overwhelming work in moderating things, but we have a pretty significant problem if the purpose of AH is to be fully realized. =\

This is always a concern with these answer systems.

I’ve not had any problems getting responses from the devs either to questions or bug reports … yet, and if anything I’m surprised by the speed of turnarounds. But there are such things as victims of success, and I don’t think the flood is going to abate any time soon.

Wish I could suggest a solution; it’s a question of educating people to research the AnswerHub and forums before posting, but to do that you’ve got to catch the buggers first :wink:

I personally turned to the AH while in beta only to report bugs etc, Currently in my workflow i haven’t found any bug to report, I also don’t have questions yet. But i would do request something implemented in the engine if i see it’s viable. On the subject now people need to use the answer hub for more serious things. Or use the forums like the original poster said, But all after you’ve searched the forums. It will get to a point where Epic wont be able to reply to most of the things or it will be too slow because of the amount of silly questions (although i sense most questions are not silly no matter what) however i do mark them as silly if i see a question already replied over and over again, That shows that people cannot use the search button.

If your problems are in the engine itself, maybe you can ask for support reporting an issue in the official GItHub - have you already tried?

It will hopefully settle down as basic information gets out there.
ie. No more “Does it support Scaleform?” & “Will it run on my machine?” posts.

I have asked two questions that are both pretty significant but continue to be brushed off the front page without gaining traction due to the new questions.

Archive Size on the Market Place

Build System expecting paths for libraries to be relative to the UE4 install directory and not allowing you to use paths relative to your module.

I guess the argument is not about the front page, it is about getting to people who are able to get solutions or at least acknowledge the issues. with 30 new posts every 10 minutes, and the nature of technical questions requiring more than 1/3 of a minute to answer them this is just the nature of the beast, but there are a number of questions that are unanswered and uncommented. Considering the weight of things I expect to have things peter out in a couple weeks, but by and large its a mess now.

Hi everyone,

We certainly understand your frustration with AnswerHub since we work in it daily and experience these same challenges ourselves. As you say, much of the issue is just the sheer number of users at the moment, we do expect this to steady out over time, but in the meantime we are working to address as many of the issues as possible.

We did release the AnswerHub with the bare minimum features in order to ensure speed and stability, but the good new is that we have just rolled out the AnswerHub update #1. This update now allows everyone to see at a glace which posts are already resolved. This simple functionality will greatly assist in identifying which post still go unanswered, and additional updates for usability will continue to be rolled out over time.