[AnswerHub/Meta] Is it possible to add horizontal scrollbars to Code snippets in posts and comments?

I used one of my bug report posts that has code snippets included. Code snippet is sections of the text post where it is indented with 4 spaces to allow Markdown to use code-style formatting. This is done by selecting a portion of the text and pressing CTRL+K.

There are two suggestions I could give in regards to this:

  1. I was wondering if the AnswerHub allows customization of the code snippet text, so that viewers/visitors/readers can side-scroll the code snippet left and right, instead of jumbling and wrapping text around just to fit the width of the layout?

Personally, if you ask me if I could read the contents in the code snippet, I could have a bit of trouble reading the codes line by line.

Adding a horizontal scrollbar to the code snippet would be beneficial to everyone.

  1. The AnswerHub layout can try and use up all the glorious free spaces on two sides of my screen. I know that it has to conform to 4:3 layout of 1024x768 to support older machines and for broader compatibility, but thinking that most of us Unreal Engine 4 users need a beefy system to use, everyone of us should have at least 1080p for our screen resolution. ’

The reason why I came to the conclusion that everyone have beefy systems? This thread implies so. Just look at the pictures. An average Unreal Engine 4 user would be more likely to have 8 cores of CPU (i3, i5, and i7 nowadays) and 8GB of RAM (norm for x64 users, which a lot of us have), and we’re just talking about PC users. Also, the staff has not reported back findings of the launcher leak, so I suspect the issue is still known for half a year.