Answerhub Karma

I swear the karma point system in Answerhub is whacky. First, I think it’s just ridiculous that if you or the OP post a comment after it’s accepted as the correct answer, the answer will automatically unaccept itself (I’ve lost about 4 accepted answers because of this.) I’ve posted about this before but was told that was the desired behavior. Ok. Fine, whatever. Now, I had 669 karma. I spent literally weeks helping out the same person on his question, basically helping him to rewrite his entire project. He gave me a thumbs up on one of the comments, then accepted the answer. My new total karma after him doing so? 674. It only went up the 5 points for the thumbs up on the comment.

I don’t mind helping out the community. As I learn more of UE4, I am glad to share the knowledge I’ve learned, especially since so many questions go unanswered. But if the only thing we get to show for our efforts is the Karma points, it would be nice if it actually gave you all that you earned. This is not the only time this has happened too me. If you consider that I have 30 accepted answers and each answer is 25 points each, I should be at 750 karma points not including all the upvotes and miscellaneous karma points we get for little things (like accepting your first answer to a question you asked.) The upvotes to my answers (and again, not including the thumbs up for comments because you can’t see and account for those) is totaled at 27 upvotes @ 5 points a piece should give me an additional 135 points which should give me a minimum number of 885 karma.

I know I sound petty about this, and to be honest, I feel a little petty complaining. But at the end of the day, the system you have in place to “reward” those who share their knowledge, is failing.

Ok, off my soapbox!

Hey there!

Thanks for the feedback, we’re currently reviewing this process altogether and this sort of info helps us know what problems developers run into it.

Stay tuned!

I agree comments shouldn’t cancel accepted answers. I consider that buggy behavior.

Thanks for the acknowledgment Chance, it is much appreciated!