Answerhub is under attack by bots

Don’t know where to report this, so I’m opening a thread here.

Currently Answerhub is under attack. New accounts are getting created, new posts are made.
Pages and pages of flooded messages…

If someone is up from the staff, can you check or send a message to one that can solve the issue?

Yes … I am trying my best to remove them as quickly as they appear.

I am getting Epic to look in to it for us. I have called for all hands on deck but it is getting out of hand now. Q sinks under the amount of spam

Thanks. 8-}

Just got a glimpse of this in action and came to report it.
Looks like the site is currently down as of just a few minutes ago.
Where should everyone look for updates on this issue?

Problems seems to be solved now :slight_smile:


You can look right here … as soon as I know … you will know. 8-}

It looks like we are back up again. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues. Thanks.

Wow that was hectic. 8-{

We just put into action all cannons and ammo :smiley:

Check this account… spam again

It has been suspended and all posts were removed … at least it was when I checked now. Thanks for the heads up. 8-}

Some of them might have sneaked in under the radar … if you spot others just give us the heads up here and we’ll take care of it.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to provide a quick update. We’re working with the site developers to prevent future spam attacks like this.