Answerhub is broken


Please note apart from cert issues the system is not working. I just spent near an hour writing a detailed guide on Android signing issues for people who were having issues. When i try to post answers it immediately tells me there were errors. I must reload the page and try again. And then all the information is gone.

Were you still logged in after the error, because it could might be that it logged you out over the time? :slight_smile:

Perma Logged in yes :cool: Unless there was some timeout. Meh. Wanted to help the community a little but im not retyping all that.

Thank you for letting us know! I’ll talk to Stephen about getting this investigated and fixed.

thx. off topic but how do you create a wikipage? will create a page of those issues for android and how to work around them

Here we go :slight_smile: -> currently it’s a little bit difficult to create a new wiki page

Currently new wiki pages are created by trying to access a page that does not yet exist. You can either create a link from one page to another that doesn’t exist and then attempt to access the page link or you can type in a URL that does not yet exist. For example:

Unfortunately the search function no longer provide that feature, since it is now intertwined with the documentation search. We are working on a solution for this, such as a “make page” button. It may take some time to implement

Cool thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Crocopede,

I’m super sorry that happened, I know it’s a crusher when you spend a big chunk of time on writing a thing only to have it disappear into the ether.

This is a poor stopgap solution, but if you use Chrome (this may even be available for other browsers, I just haven’t looked into it.), there is a very useful extension to forestall this very thing, it’s calledLazarus Recovery. I haven’t tried it for the AnswerHub system that we currently use, but I can see the little Lazarus ankh icon on the ‘Ask a Question box’, so it should work.

I hope this helps until we can get your problem resolved. Thanks very much!