Answerhub is a bit broken for me

For several days now, I face the following issues:

  • Getting loggedout constantly
  • “We can’t process your request” upon submitting a question
  • IF i get a question posted, it stays on “waiting for approval by moderator” and once i leave that page, my own question is no longer visible for me

this happens to me all the time, especially if I try to go to the documentation. it’s been mentioned by other people many times before.

well, I don’t go on the answerhub and haven’t in a long time but if its like the forum you might be loosing access because its sent to the moderation queue and you don’t have moderator permissions to see the queue(maybe one of the other mod’s knows for sure), anyway since my answerhub account still has I took a look and just published your question.

I know that doesn’t really fix any of the issues your having but hope that helps a little at least :).

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Well, usually I’m not sure were to go. Answerhub was once suposed to be the place for questions like these, but the Forum seems to be a better fit at times. It’s all a bit redundant.