Answerhub does not warn about losing edit

In answerhub click “Post a question”, write an erudite well researched piece of prose, accidentally click the nice blue “Post [A] Question”. Bada Bing Bada Boom everything gone and your patience now too short to rewrite.

Often / websites warn you when you are about to lose edits, that would be awesome here.

[*] This is in Chrome, not tested in other browsers.

[**] I almost just did it again.

[***] Tomorrow is Friday!

Hi ,

The AnswerHub is currently undergoing changes that may be causing glitches like the one you’ve described here. However, if you are not already aware, there is a plug-in from Google called Lazarus which adds a little icon to your text field that when clicked will recall your text should it be deleted in cases like these.

I use it everyday and it has saved me hours!