[ANSWERHUB] Changing Settings results in Internal Server Error

Hey there. When I want to change my notification settings on Answerhub, I get an Internal Server Error.
My Mail Inbox is spammed regularly with Questions and I’d like to disable it.
Can someone disable it for me? I only want to get notified by Questions I asked or answer.


Hi Raildex_

Apologies for this. I have reached out to our web vendor to have them fix your account so the internal server error no longer occurs. I will let you know when I hear back that it is resolved.

In the meantime, I have also tried to force a change on your account settings. I too received the server error, but I think it may have successfully updated. So hopefully that helps.

Thank you very much. My inbox is quite relaxed now :smiley:

Your account should now be fixed so that you can update your settings without experiencing the error.


Hey Stephen, I’m getting this error as well. Any chance you can fix up my account as well?

Hi Matt.

I’ve reached out to our web vendor to have them fix your account.