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Answer - Chapter One

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In the year B.E. 1564, a lone cyborg is sent into the future of post-apocalyptic Colombo. Her mission, to retrieve a sample of the alchemical material and suspected catalyst for the nuclear disaster that had occurred. However, in finding it, she soon discovers she’s not the only one after it. Pursued by others from even further in the past, she manages to escape back into her own timeline but not without leading her pursuers straight to the base of the alchemists - the makers of the artifact.

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Very well made :smiley:

Really like the environment and the style of the main character with her “bike”. Sounds and music fit’s like a glove, same for VFX :slight_smile:

Only thing that look a tad “rough” to me is when the bike land at ~0.43. The landing isn’t realistic, it stop to abruptly, it miss fluid movement. And when she get out of the bike, start walking, the way she move look very robotic.

But, in all, it’s really enjoyable!