Answer me this please.

My friend told me that when i publish my game in UDK program, i will have to pay $…please is that truth? Should i stop using UDK because i dont have money to pay it…:frowning:

UE4 is not UDK

UDK is built from Unreal Engine 3, you can download it for free and release games for free. If you sell a game you have to pay 25% royalty after the first $50,000

UE4 is Unreal Engine 4, to get access you have to pay a $20/month fee, though you can cancel your subscription so you don’t have to continue to pay unless you want updates or source code access. If you sell a game then you have to pay a 5% royalty.


Sooo…when i publish my game, and when i start to sell it, and when i earn first 50000$ then i will have to give 25% of 50000$ right? Or i will have to give them money after i publish game?

25% royalty was for UDK, not UE4. When you make a game using UE4 and then sell it, you pay 5% of the total revenue to Epic. And there is no 50k$ limitation.

Sorry, im from Serbia and i dont really understand u, but do you wanna say that i need to pay 15000$ or how much i dont know when i publish game? And im using UDK(Free). Because i dont have money to pay that, only if i start to sell it and when i earn 15000$, only then i can pay…:confused:

If you use UE4: You pay 20$ monthly, and 5% of your income.
If you use UDK: You have to buy a 90$ license, and then, when you earn 50 000$, you start paying 25% royalty.

best explanation ever! Can’t add anything!

Probably, that won’t happen my friend…

But then, what if i dont wanna sell my game? If i give it free, would i still have to pay?

I am so fu***** sorry, but i dont really understand english so good, im only 12(soon 13), so i cant publish my game for free? Only free download, no purchasing, so i wont need to pay? Right? :slight_smile:

If the game is free you do not need to pay for UDK

There might be a minimum age to be able to purchase a license anyways.

Google Translated it for you (So it might not make 100% sense, but should still make a little sense:

Wait ,KitatusStudios I wonder to know how exactly did you know what language he speaks?

It’s all my years playing Phoenix Wright, finally paying off. Kididng, It’s not to hard to guess, when he pretty much said it:

Why would it matter anyhow?

Oh, my mistake, didn’t notice that he said it.:slight_smile:

The fact that he said “I use UDK” really narrows it down, Plus you are “almost” 13 and you have a game ready? Contact Epics licensing department for more information.

Well, he can just ask his parents. On the epic udk licensing page, there was writtten that if you are non adult you have to make your parent/legal guardian do it.

Go here for all UDK related Questions. Maybe its a bit confusing that you have to click on “Products -> UDK” on the bottom of the Main Page to get in the right forums?

I come from a family littered with lawyers so I read the Terms of Use out of instinct. I didn’t see anything to this effect, but I could be wrong.

Because he said he was from Serbia?

I assume it would be implied considering it is a legal contract.

Based on that assumption only a legal adult, or parent/guardian, could enter into a license to use udk or ue4.