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Last week I created a thread here about how there are tons of unanswered questions on the AH and that Epic should provide additional personnel to monitor the situation… After actually spending some time roaming in the AH, the vast majority do have responses. In a nutshell, I was wrong. While there is certainly room for improvement (duh, that can be in anything) Epic should be commended on how well they respond to open issues with suggestions to issues.

I would make one recommendation… Emphasize to end-users the importance of marking an issue RESOLVED. And… I’ve seen Epic staff do a comment where they really answered the question…Shouldn’t that be in the ANSWER section of the post? That way when people roam on UNANSWERED questions they really will be unanswered.


PS: Another suggestion… If the folks who monitor the AH notice that a question has been answered (even in a comment) mark it resolved.

Hi teak421,

Thanks. Our support staff does certainly make an effort, but I want to reiterate what has been mentioned elsewhere that Epic offers no promises of support with the free-to-use license of the Unreal Engine. We help when able, but the Answerhub and the Forums rely on community participation to assist and grow each other, and we definitely value the experts in the community who are out there helping. The majority of Epic’s support resources go into investigating bugs and workflow problems which, when resolved, benefit the widest audiences.

We also do regularly “clean up” Answerhubs posts as we find them, by re-arranging comments and answers, and marking the correct answer as accepted. This responsibility also largely falls on the amazing Moderation staff we have, and of course it should ultimately be the responsibility of the original author to revisit their posts and update it as appropriate.


This is the one thing I’m really not happy about with the engine going free. When we were paying $20 a month we had some slight leverage. I just wish there were an affordable package to get priority support without having to work out an expensive licensing agreement. Or is there one already?

Good point…! Thanks for the response.

I agree. I think that Epic Games should offer some premium package option for anyone willing to pay a monthly fee. Paying $20 or $30 a month to get more support and updated documents to work with the engine quicker and better would be a good deal.

I think they are making a big documentation push for all end-users from what I understand…As for premium support, I would be willing to pay to have a dedicated forum / AH monitored by Epic staff. We kind of have that now with the current AH, but this forum would have guaranteed responses… Get enough subscribers for that, maybe it could pay for staff to monitor it?