[ANSWER HUB] This annoying spam!

Looking for questions to solve on answers.unrealengine.com we can often find some annoying spam. I always report it, but there is more and more. I figured out WHY do we have it - the registration process is very easy and doesn’t need any verification method (I made another acc under 15 seconds just typing random info). It’s weird, since I had also to register with my github account to be able to download an Epic Launcher. I don’t ask to integrate profiles from AnswerHub with GitHub users (which would be very hard to do), but could we add at least some simple verification process? Maybe just accept email? I’m not even dreaming about send-sms type (which is used by Google), but just a verification email could make it harder for spammers or spam-bots to flood the answerhub.

This is 2 years old problem(at least), pathetic reaction time.

I would also like to see an end to AnswerHub spam.

Well, if they made me a mod, I would take care of all that spam on the Answerhub :wink:

Yep, lets throw human labour power on computer science issue.

Hi all.

We’ve actually taken recent steps to cut down the spam significantly from what it used to be. The site now uses Akismet to block known spam before it gets posted. We are aware this still doesn’t get 100% of it, but the number that gets blocked is substantial.

We are also still considering other options for the future.


Glad to hear you are taking steps!

Spam is not the only thing making Answer Hub a challenge to use.

User participation lacks the common etiquette of QA sites:

  • Lots of ‘I have this issue too’ answers
  • Actual answers often do not get accepted, nor are users asked to do so

Answer Hub is also very slow.

I suspect the first of these is a simple issue of many users accidentally adding an answer instead of a comment. I wouldn’t call this spam. People want to make it known that they are also having the same problem as it lends weight to it (i.e. it isn’t just the OP).