Answer Hub, Might as well be called Unanswered hub.

Not to be combative, But ive been asking about:

Multiple multi player online servers on single multi player maps.

I’ve tried messaging Epic staff, Ive tried Answer Hub, I’ve tried posting a thread in General forum but had not a single reply or any feedback from unreal devs or Mods. The only thing that’s annoying me is that easy answers that anyone who has more than 20 minutes experience with realtime 3d would know get a response (because it’s a simple situation) but any real needed feedback seems to not be any type of priority. Does unreal staff get bonus points for posting reply’s that add up to a monthly financial result, or to full fill a pre set quota of forum responses that staff are expected to provide lol, that would explain why simple answers get dealt with but anything else seems to get ignored. Id say im doing my part for the unreal community by providing tutorials that broke the myth that Blender couldn’t export animated characters, and many other topics on code, Blueprints,Content creation etc. All im asking for is a response about something that effects every unreal user who wants to think about multi player online releases in the future.

Phhhffff. Rant over, time for a beer.


No to be combative? Your post is nothing short of a flamethrower.

First, you asked a high end technical question, and only 10 hours ago.

Not to be combative: Maybe have some patience considering the core development team is in a country that is asleep right now o.0


This is the kind of behavior that makes developers less likely to interact with the community. Try to understand that they’re still hard at work on improving the engine, developing games, and developing documentation and videos for us to learn from. They can’t spend every waking second of the day here, and the time they do spend is greatly appreciated by all of the community. Answer Hub takes a while to receive a response, which is due to the time of day and the nature of the question. I didn’t get a response on my question for 2 days, other individuals for longer. That’s just the reality of working with a large volume of questions, be a little patient and I’m sure it will be answered soon enough.


I am locking this thread as it is getting a bit too heated.

I have asked our replication developer to look into your question once he returns to the office. When we have a response from him, we will be able to answer. The post for the question can be located here:

Thank you for your patience.