Answer Hub - Losing points for adding a comment.

HI All

Not a huge thing, but someone marked my answer as resolved, I added an additional comment, I lost my point and now it says un-resolved.

Causes more people to look at solving, and takes my point away.

I do like, be given bonus for give the correct answer, now it is gone because I wanted to give more help.


He just has to accept the answer again. :slight_smile:

That is expected behavior so it’s the OP’s responsibility to keep track of their questions, unless Epic staff or a mod sees it. I went ahead and accepted your answers for 2 questions, by the way.

Thank you Jacky :),

Is there a better way to add a reply so it does not happen again.

As you know, A lot of people do do check it after or even know how to reply “Resolved”


There isnt any other way because AnswerHub considers the post unanswered whenever a new comment or answer is added. You can ask the OP to accept your answer in your post if they find it useful though.

AnswerHub should take this feedback and not Epic Games, to be honest. You can try emailing them about this issue.