ANSI & String converstion macros with 1252 codepage

I’m having trouble converting a buffer which has ANSI with the standard 1252 codepage. All my extended characters get converted to “?”. This is on Windows 10. Do I need to specify the codepage somehow before using the conversion macros?

In closer inspection of the engine code debugging it’s clearly changing characters in the extended range to “?” in void FGenericPlatformString::LogBogusChars(const SourceEncoding* Src, int32 SrcSize) in GenericPlatformString.cpp. I know Unicode is preferred but according to it seems like codepage 1252 is at least supported.

FString TestString= TEXT("¡ÇÝÂ");

//This macro changes the above string to "????"
ANSICHAR* AnsiBuf= TCHAR_TO_ANSI(*TestString);

//Assuming my buffer contains "¡ÇÝÂ". This macro will also return "????"