Anroid play services not working on newer library versions


I’m working with Google play services and trying to integrate FireBase. To do so I need to upgrade the outdated library Unreal uses from:,play-services-auth,11.8.0,play-services-games,11.8.0,play-services-nearby,11.8.0,play-services-plus,11.8.0


In doing so it seems the blueprint node “Show External Login UI” causes the app to crash. Is there a way around this?

I can see from the adb logcat that it’s failing on the showing external UI to Google Play services due to this.

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Have you figured it out how to properly have the libraries updated without crashes? It’s been quite some time and I was hoping Epic would update the Android libraries for UE5 but that didn’t happen…
Guess I’ll have to compile the engine from source and edit those manually on my end but I was trying to avoid doing all that…