Another weird AI problem - Added sound response - Investigate - Now AI doesntt move

Really desperate for a win here. I added a sub tree for the AI to hear my char whistle and now it just stands there doing nothing. The tree stays jn the sub tree i have in the red box in the image, and never leaves it.

I made sure all the keys are named right, as well as their make literal name nodes that correspond to them. Ive gone over the video 3 times and i cant see what i did wrong.

It was all working perfectly before i added the left most sub tree and made the changes that go along with it.

Everything i try that should make it leave this sub tree have 0 effect. Its like everything ive learned is false.

Can somebody please help me fix this? If you cant see a problem im more than willing to screen share.

I look forward to hearing from you

I got it to enter the left most sub tree by putting putting Blackboard decorator of canseeplayer is not set in the seq_patrol path but it never chases me from seeing or hearing me. He’s supposed to investigate the location if the whistle…

Now it’s stuck in rotate to face bb entry. So something is wrong with that node…how can I fix it and then all the other problems with this behavior tree?

OK so inside the AI controller, these two networks are for sight and hearing. They both set the boolean var to true. Yet in the AI Debugger when I play it says VanSeePlayer: False.

This happened before and I didnt put the CanSeePlayer? Into the make literal name properly. But as you can see it’s correct.

Here are the two networks for seeing & hearing.

Does anybody know what’s going on?

Ps. My 4 on the num pad doesn’t show perception. Switched it to a different key, it worked, exited & came back, doesn’t work now. So I cam no longer use the Debugger.