Another Reality Studio- UE4 Developer (C++)

[PAID] Unreal Engine Developer with C++

Project Title:
Another Reality Studio Consultant or Full-time remote employee

Another Reality Studio is a fully remote AR and VR development company. All of our developers are spread across the U.S. with our main office being in Saint Louis, MO. Flexible hours and unique enterprise projects. We develop augmented and virtual reality applications from concept to completion in the AEC, Healthcare, Education, and Training industries. We are growing and have partnered with a few more companies in these industries and are building our teams further. ARS does things differently; we prefer that you write your own job description as long as it benefits our projects and our growth together. Everyone has expertises and when we stay in those as much as possible, we enjoy our jobs and do our best!

If you are a talented UE4 developer, then we would love to hear from you. You will be joining a dynamic team of artists to developers and designers to scripters. We develop full applications from start to finish for our clients and will have the necessary support for your needs.


  • AEC- For our architecture/ engineering/ construction clients, we have developed our own platform. We need continued development for our roadmap of features!
  • Healthcare- Our healthcare partnerships are very unique! We use VR for different medical assessments and a backend that records results.
  • Education- A huge potential currently with online learning! Our partnerships use AR and VR to bring fun ways of learning to students through gamification and immersive visuals.
  • Training- Our training platforms are blowing up. We also have a platform for Virtual Events that is starting to grow rapidly. We need developers to help stay ahead of the growing demand and bring autonomy to our current flows.

Team Name:
Another Reality Studio

Team Structure**:**
Project Manager, Team Lead, Developers/Artist

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripting

  • Experience with UE4 and C++ on enterprise projects
  • Must have AR and/or VR development experience with projects to show
  • Interested in learning about many industries
  • Flexible and remote work
  • Desire to join a small company (less than 25) to expand together and take ownership
  • Keeps up with AR and VR technology as a hobby


E-mail: Brad@AnotherReality.Studio