Another Performance Question with some stats

I’ve posted a Question here iOS Tappy Chicke vs Blank Project - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Hopefully more people might comment on it - no matter what I do to a Blank Scene I cannot replicate Tappy Chicken performance on an iPad2/Mini.

I would LOVE to know what its doing but I just can’t find it. To be clear here I just want a baseline to build from, my expectation would be an empty level with no lights/meshes and a Post Process Volume and Mobile HDR set to ‘Off’ would result in <1ms on CPU and GPU, instead I am seeing 25ms+ for both - its not making any sense.

OK the trick was to choose ‘Set As Default’ on the Mobile HDR setting and not just turn it off.

Better yet I have set “r.mobileHDR” to 0 on the iOS part of the Device Profiles and make it 1 for iPad Air/ iPad Mini2 and iPhone 5s

Hi Anadin,

Yeah, the project settings were only being written out to Saved unless you hit ‘Set as Default’, so the wouldn’t propagate to cooked builds or team mates. We’ve fixed that in 4.2 so editing project settings always writes to the project defaults ini files, sorry for the trouble.

Michael Noland