Another one "Launch Error: Unknown Error"

Hi All.
I can’t Package or Launch my project.
Pls help me decipher the logs, my Eng is not so well for that
Thank you in advance
link text

Hi buddy.

this is the error you have . "Visual C++ 2015 toolchain does not appear to be correctly installed. Please verify that “Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015” was selected when installing Visual Studio 2015"

you must select common tools for visual c++ 2015 when you want install visual studio.

try to reinstall visual studio with common tools selected at first

Thx for all! I added C++ to my VC & i deleted some C++ scripts from DefaultEngine.ini (“Failed to find value when parsing E:\Epic Games\Projects\Between\Config\DefaultEngine.ini, line 12”) and than i saw UE4Game.pdb error. Next i installed Editor Symbols for debugging and now i Launch my Game very well.