Another Mac post sorry...

hi all,
first post here, trying not to bore anyone too much,

I’ve wrote a few games whilst learning on android, made hardly no money, so decided to go apple store way.

subscribed to the best engine UE4 and put the linux laptop in the cupboard, as you need a mac to develop for mac they say.

I’ve bought a macbook pro, everyone has always used these for graphics there known to be the best in the world. (really), I’ve also upgraded it.

started a new project just selected flying ufo and its less than 10fps !!!

macbook pro
2.53 core 2 duo
geforce 9400m 256Mb
8 Gb ddr3 ram
samsung 840 evo ssd drive

surely this should run fine?
any pointers, patches?
should i go back to mavericks?

anyone with similar setup running ue4 quickly?


Sorry, but your computer is just way to weak. You need a better graphics card, and a better processor, way better ones.

thanks for quick reply, i figured so, just hoping it may be ok… ill sell it,

Here are the recommeded specs:
[FONT=Lucida Grande]Desktop PC or Mac
[FONT=Lucida Grande]Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
[FONT=Lucida Grande]Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
[FONT=Lucida Grande]NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
[FONT=Lucida Grande]8 GB RAM

Is this still true? You could simply develop on Windows and then ship it to Mac once ready for launch.

Everyone uses them for the graphics? Maybe in terms of the Macbook line-up, but not really otherwise. Ideally you’ll want a high-end Mac setup. I would suggest that if you plan to stick with this system, you turn off anything you don’t need in the editor. It’ll help speed it up a bit.

It’s probably best to develop on a Mac if that’s the platform you’re targeting, in the end you’d need it to submit the final game anyway.

As far as Macs and graphics work–it was kind of a myth in the past that Macs were better for artists, in actuality if there were ever any advantages Windows PC’s had them due to lower hardware costs and new software features that came to Windows first. Other than that it’s more of a personal preference.

thanks all, alot of helpfull thoughts,
personally ive used linux for about 8 years now as i dislike windows, 2000 was ok, xp and 7 were the best but its still targeted and needs antivirus, constant updates ect that suck performance.
im not sure what to do, ive taught myself android, java and andengine whilst writing my first game, ive got 3 on google, amazon and samsung but i reallly need to get on ios as android users hate to pay even 50p, they will give the kid £1 for a can of pop though…
so i looked at all the engines and wanted one i could write once and deploy to all the platforms i choose, i went with ue4. looks awsome.
however after buying the macbook pro it runs slow, the worst point is ive just realised i cant deploy to android and ios from the mac?

any idea how long before i can deploy to both platforms?
if i could run ue4 on linux and deploy to ios and android that would be awsome but obviously imposible.

so it looks like as i need a mac to get on ios store i might as well use one but its down to cost.

i like to sit on sofa and code on laptop, shame no ones invented a screen and keyboard that looks like a laptop i can bluetooth to a desktop lol

you should be able to deploy to any platform from any os.


You can definitely build for iOS on Mac.
You can even build your game on Mac and then move it to PC to do the final changes to get it working on Android. There’s very few things that would have to be done to make it work on Android. And of course you can install Windows on your Mac using Bootcamp and dual-boot so that you can use either version when you want.