Another Event Hit thread (it really won't work)

Hi there,

after a couple of hours by reding every thread, i can’t get the EventHit work. All i want is to shoot a gun and the bullet, if it hit something (all things that are in a Level), it should spawn an Impact effect.

But it works only with static meshes, that have the physics enabled. But a wall should not fly away right? So i tryed everything, convert the BSP’s to static meshes, set the lightmass index new (like rama says), enabled all collissions (and i fall through the floor :o). Nothing. Nadda, niente.

I use the template projectile (blueprint -> FPS) and the only thing i have changed is the HIT->spawn Emitter on Location. It only work’s with static meshes and physic enabled.

Is there a Workaround for that or is it a bug? BTW: Every wall, floor, and other things that i made have a UCX collision. I’ve tryed it with no collision boxes, with collision boxes but nothing.

Hope someone can help me.


Post your blueprint of the projectile, specifically the event hit section, and the collision settings.

Here are the blueprint and the collission Setting.


I don’t know whats going on. I have this Problem and the Problem with the particles. (Particles that movign with Weapon? (Muzzle Flash) - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums I have tryed some tutorials and it is don’t work. Hm…maybe i have a bug?

There is a branch after the hit event that checks whether or not the object it hit is simulating physics or not, if it isn’t simulating physics nothing happens. If it is simulating physics it continues with the code/flow and fires of the “Add Impulse at Location” and “Spawn Emitter at Location” nodes. That’s why only objects that simulates physics have the effect. Either you can add a “Sequence” node directly after the hit event that goes to the branch and your spawn emitter node, or you can also link the false output of the branch to the spawn emitter too.

Thank you…i will try it. Hm…it seems that all not so easy :slight_smile:

Thank you. You made my day. I have not seen this stupid is siumulating. Oh man…