Another editor for ue4

Hi all,

I am trying unreal engine 4 and its awesome, just one think is ruining my hype about it and that is VISUAL STUDIO. Intellisense is just hopeless piece of ****, vs express keeps spawning package server proccesses and just eat out all of my ram in one or two hours, when i need to manualy stop all the package servers which intellisense cannot stop itself (most of them are just sitting there and shutting them off do not even stop intellisense from working). I read some post about visual assist, but it can work only with pro version of vs so its realy out of reach for me as I work for small indie developer. Here in czech republic €1,283 is like two months payment (we do not have budget for it right now)

So can I use any other IDE out there. Eg. Netbeans / Eclipse ?
Or if anyone know about way to increase VS express performance i will be glad to hear it :wink:

Thanks for all your answers.

If you’ll be able to make it running on whatever IDE, then you can use that, but you probably won’t. VS is the best IDE for Windows/C++, you’ll just have to get used to it. Also running on up-to-date computer specs would help you a lot.

One thing that annoyed me about visual studio was the fact that it had to create a fresh .sdf file for every project which usually racked up about 300mb because it was including the entire source every time.

Surely there’s a way to link that information so it doesn’t need to re-analyze the entire source code for every project, and instead just use a global database file for the UE4 source and a local for the project source.

Hi I am using my i5-3230 with 3.2ghz, 8gb ram and nvidia gforce 710m

I think this computer should handle simple IDE with intellisense.

I do not want to try to run it on some other IDE before i know if its even posible. I am pretty new to whole c++ stuff so i do not know what i need to build and compile unreal engine project. Probably compiler should be enough but as I tell before I am not sure :frowning:

300 MB on a 120 GB SSD drive costs under $0.30, so if that’s your biggest problem, then you’re a happy man.

I’m sure it would be somehow possible to run other UE4 on a different IDE. It’s just nobody has paved the path in front of you, so you’ll be on your own.
Is that a laptop computer? Isn’t it overheating? I ran VS on a similar machine without any issues. When was the last time you’ve re-installed your system?

The size isn’t the problem, the problem is the fact it needs to re-analyze 300mb worth of information for every new project. Slows down productivity on new projects.

Do you mean something like this?

Yes this is it, thanks man!

Yeah it is laptop and no it is not overheating, I recently reinstalled my system so it should be ok, as i look into my problem deeper i quess there is something wrong with my VS / intellisense, which keeps process open even when it does not use them anymore, everytime i edit file intellisense start to parse my code, this is okay i quess but everytime it creates new process and does not shut down the old one… pretty wierd. Cannot find anyone with same problem as me :-/

I have turned Intellisense off.

QT is much nicer/better IDE than VS. And much faster too.

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QtCreator is a great thing :slight_smile:

You guys have managed to get it running on QtCreator? Can you share some insight, please?

@siq working on it, when I am done, be sure that I’ll post tut on youtube.

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Look at the Microsoft BizSpark program, or DreamSpark if you are in school. You can get the full Visual Studio for free, for commercial use for a few years.

Muphry’s law!

That doesn’t change anything, I have a Dreamspark account through my university and downloaded VS2013 Ultimate. The Intellisense is as slow as the VS Express one, there is no difference.
For UE4 Visual Studio without the Visual Assist plugin from Whole Tomato is as usefull as Notepad.
But the VA plugin is 249$ for commercial use and deliveres just features that are free and built in in other IDEs like Qt or eclipse.

I would love to see one of those running with UE4 O:-)

As far as I know eclipse runs on java so you can simply throw it through the window. QT is fantastic. Really. And C++ so performance is prime.

Keep this kind of nonsense to yourself.

Visual Studio isn’t the best IDE. Clearly. It doesn’t have basic features that many C++ IDEs have such as decent code completion/suggestion, stub generation, refactoring, sync between .cpp and .h.
Paying for stuff that is freely avaliable elsewhere doesn’t solve the IDE problem. Though VA is great, it is not the solution.
We do need a better work-flow to code stuff in unreal 4. Some assist plugin or compatibility with any other editor (code::blocks, netbeans, eclipse, QT).