another chance to build & compile?

hello guys.
one simple question: is there any way to build editor or compile porject without visual studio 2013?
if yes how?

tnx in advance.

My guess would be no. The project files are generated, the build system seems streamlined for this and from my experience with previous UE4 releases, once it is ready, the workflow is very powerful and efficient.

Now of course, technically nothing blocks you from designing a non-VS workflow I think, but that’s tremendous work and I fail to see the point : VS2013 is free and it is a great IDE to work with.

yup not a efficient way, but how work with other IDE?
i mean can be implement with C++(11.0) compiler and CMD commands to compile and build?

glad to see other ideas…

Yes you could. But you would have to reverse engineer the entire Unreal build system and rewrite it. This is really not something you want to do, I speak of it for the sake of answering the question but I would not deem it feasible.

Why not VS ?

You can use the UnrealBuildTool via a command line to build.

This is the command line I’d use in the Beta:

.\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\UnrealBuildTool.exe MyGameEditor Win64 Development "C:\MyGame\MyGame.uproject"

Might be a slight difference between versions, but I am unable to test it currently.

You will still need to install VS2012 though, even if you don’t use it as your IDE.

there is no problem with VC.
i just try another way if possible.
so other IDE’s are not allowed?

tnx Kris & Gwenn

I use Notepad++, so… :slight_smile:

can explain how?

Thanks for the info, I didnt think it was possible ! :o
Would it work with the full engine source as well ?

Unfortunately I cannot give you a my batch files.
My version of Unreal Engine 4 is different to the public build
and may cause you more frustration then anything else.

Once that is sorted, I’ll be happy to oblige.

In the meantime, grab Notepad++, muck around with the NPPExec plugin and learn how to create macros.
You will need all three if you want to dump VS and use Notepad++ like I do.

Once you have MSVS 2013 installed you will be able to execute building/linking your executables from the command line. Kris is using Notepad++, and I am using Sublime, both have been quite smooth, although the spin up/setup is not quite as straight forward as just opening your solution in MSVS and building.

MSDN - Building a native C++ application on the command line

You could install it on a Mac and use XCode.

tnx bob & all.