ANOTHER Car Paint Material

The guys at the shop doing some custom fabrication and a wrap on one of my cars were kind enough to give me the 3d model they use for visualization (i did not create the model) so i decided to put it into UE4 and mess around with a car paint material - I took a couple of quick close up shots of the paint for comparison - I made it a bit darker of a grey and gave it more of a satin finish which is how i plan to have the final wrap look - I’m using masked sub-surface scattering with fresnel to achieve the flecks in the paint (they are kind of hard to make out in the video due to YouTube’s compression so i took a few screen grabs as well)

Currently i have the material instanced so i can change the color and advanced parameters in real-time which you can see around the 50 second mark in the video - The material does not use any texture maps accept for the sub surface scattering mask. The model is around 170K polys so i have it split into 6 different meshes.


Actual Paint

Watch in HD

looks matte if thats what youre aiming for, maybe crank up the gloss

Nice stuff!

It’s a satin gunmetal finish, not quite matte but not full gloss, the model isn’t supposed to match the factory color.

Also if you watch the whole video you will see me go through different gloss levels from matte to full gloss showing how the material instance works.

Added real-time cube capture reflections to the glass

Watch in HD

Looks good. Love the model too.

Thanks! I didnt make the model but it does look good, it’s around 175K polys :wink:

I just knew that model had to be some insane amount of polygons!

Awesome work on that material, really nailed the gunmetal finish.

Looks great, as AzamKhan mentioned a bit matte in the first screenshot.
Would you mind sharing your shader setup?

Here is the material setup as well as the actual instance parameter i used for the video - The ‘Dots’ texture i’m using the for Flecks mask can be created by just using the noise filter in photoshop or something similar, the mask can be scaled via the instance to adjust the size of the flecks.

Right click the image and click Open in New Tab/Window to see full size

Material Perams

Material Node Tree

Instance Perams

Here is a photoshop render they sent me of what the final product is going to look like based on the info i gave them after the body kit and wrap are added accept it is a coupe not a roadster as in this render - This wrap you see in this render is the color that i was trying to emulate in the UE4 renders, not the stock paint - It’s a dark satin silver.

Interesting to see that you used the subsurface color slot, I didn’t even consider that for mine, Need to do a test when I get home! Thanks for the shader shot :slight_smile:

I do wonder what you’re using the opacity for however. Have you duplicated a mesh ontop of your original one?

I used Sub Surface with fresnel color for the flecks because it acts more like real paint flecks would, if i used emissive it would have been the same brightness and color regardless of the view angle.

As for the Opacity node, - When you have sub surface enabled on non-translucent materials Opacity actually adjusts the sub-surface distance, basically how far the light penetrates and spreads, it’s more noticable on 2 sided materials like cloth etc.

Fantastic work with the materials CharlestonS! Thanks for sharing the Materials setup that you are using as well!

The images links are dead :confused: