Here is somes tests and studies for a upcoming short film.
Made on Unreal 5 with Epic games assets.


Wow, this looks amazing! Anywhere we can check more infos on the project?

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Thanks a lot !!
The project will be finish this year.
I work on it with a friend but we have a lot of commercial work to do first.
Every update will be posted here.
Thanks for your interest.


Brilliant, looking forward to it, I will keep my eyes on it! Btw if you’re in need of music, let me know :slight_smile:


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Greetings, @aurelarchi; I fully agree with @MichaelBogaMusic the above screenshots are absolutely stunning! I hope you and your team are doing well, and I will be watching eagerly for any further updates! :grin:

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Thanks a lot !
Really happy about this kind of feedback.
Thé project is on. We will do the best we can on it incluiding i hope stuff like motion capture.
Stay connected !!

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This looks fantastic, especially the screenshot with the solar system (HighresScreenshot00010) has great poster / hero image potential I think. Fingers crossed for your project!

Thank you very much.
We know that Anomaly got great potential and story telling.
The goal will be to do the best we can on it.
Fist of all WE need a great storyboard ! :rofl::joy:

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