Anomaly 1729


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Imagine life trapped inside a Rubik’s Cube-like world. Rotate your surroundings, solve puzzles, and uncover the truth of your creation.


***Anomaly 1729 ***is a game about controlling the world around you. You play as Ano, a curious and simple entity, with the extraordinary ability to rotate the world in any direction using a mysterious device embedded in the creature’s right arm. Ano is seemingly alone in the massive and cold world of Phiohm, with the exception of its ruler. Euler, an omnipresent being that’s a part of the world itself, who will help to guide Ano to unlock the secrets of Phiohm.

Anomaly 1729 is a single-player puzzle game that tasks players to solve challenging puzzles by testing their sense of spatial awareness. Players will have to carefully consider how to rotate each room in order to reveal the path to the exit. Each puzzle room holds a unique lesson about world rotation, and once players have completed all puzzles in an area, they are able to descend to the next world, which holds new and more challenging puzzles and mechanics.

As players move through the world of Phiohm, they will encounter many features that will compliment and add complexity to the world rotation mechanic. Players will need to use all of the tools available to them to complete the challenging puzzles and make it to the core of Phiohm.


Anomaly 1729 might be our first official release as a studio, but we’re committed to pulling out all the stops and ensuring that we provide the best experience possible. Key features include:

  • A rich and engaging story that explores the origins of Ano and the true purpose of Euler, the creator of Phiohm.
  • An open world, split into multiple hubs, with each hub allowing total freedom to tackle puzzles in any order you wish; postpone and revisit a difficult puzzle as your skill grows.
  • Complex puzzles that require you to manipulate the very world around you and use many complimentary features in order to discover the solution:
  • World rotation: The path is never as obvious as it might first seem. You will need to think outside the box and approach each chamber’s puzzles from all angles.
  • Impulse panels: Ano isn’t superhuman (he isn’t even human), so you will need to make full use of the dynamic Impulse Panel catapults that might be lying around in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Mobile cube platforms: Phiohm itself is partially comprised of individual cuboid moving and rotating platforms and lifts — instruments you will need to take full advantage of if you intend to navigate each chamber.
  • Insane platforming: We won’t lie: we love platformers. Anomaly 1729 will deliver a constantly changing landscape to navigate. Rotate the world to turn a pillar into a bridge, or bring the platform in the distance to your feet. Ano isn’t the most capable spelunker, but with the ability to turn the world upside down, nothing is out of reach.
  • Hidden clues to uncover that reveal the mysteries that surround the otherworldly architects of Phiohm.
  • Bleeding-edge high-definition graphics, courtesy of Unreal Engine 4 technology.
  • Cinematic soundtrack composed by independent music composer Christopher Bezold specifically for Anomaly 1729.
  • Kickstarter Stretch Goal Dependent: Use our comprehensive level editor (with full Steamworks support) to create and share custom levels.
  • Kickstarter Stretch Goal Dependent: Full Oculus Rift support.
  • Kickstarter Stretch Goal Dependent: We will bring the Anomaly 1729 experience to next-gen consoles.
  • And many more…


We have recently been having an internal discussion about removing the Oculus Rifts support from being Kickstarter stretch goal dependent. Another words, we are considering having full Oculus support regardless of stretch goal.

We would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. What are you opinions?