Annoying seam on modular assets

Hello everyone,

I have some strange issues, I am working on modular asset and once everything is packed in UE4 I get strange seam where each modular piece is facing each other, even tried to convert my Directional light to - movable and without baking that seam is visible, apparently the problem is not in lmaps. In 3ds max aligned all edges by grid, so those match perfectly, please help me to get what is wrong?

With all respect


Modular system has a some issue. Read this thread. Probably you find solution for your problem.

The only time I run into a seam like in the image is when the smoothing group from one surface to another is different.

If you have a curved surface that you are splitting so that you can mirror it over, you need to apply an Edit Normals modifier to it and then select all of the normals and set them to Explicit Normals, this means they will remain the same even if you delete faces. Usually when you split a curved object in half the normals along the split will adjust, making them explicit will prevent that.


My mesh is not closed, I have cut with slice modifier symmetrically pieces and deleted unwanted mesh, left only one piece. So I need to use Edit normals… Will try that, thanks!