Annoying problem(UDKEngine)

I noticed since a few months a incredibly annoying problem that happens in udk and installed udk games.In config>UDKEngine I have manually set bSmoothFrameRate to be FALSE as i want the 120fps.It works for a few days and just randomly the thing goes back to TRUE???!!! Same happens with installed games.They work for a few days or even weeks on 120fps and for some strange reason the UDKEngine resets it self to bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE capping the game to 62fps.

Someone please provide me a reason for this as i just cant understand it.It happened on 2 machines.
Im not sure if the problem has always been there.So it was a recent find on my part.

I just set MaxSmoothedFrameRate to whatever I want and leave bSmoothFrameRate to true.

If you really wanted to, you could always forcibly set it true each time the game loads.

I will set it to 120 now and see if it will stay like that.By the way, how can i force it every time the game or engine start?

@O_and_N Something like this would do it:

class'Engine'.static.GetEngine().bSmoothFrameRate = false;

And then to save it to the .ini file:


I would advise against setting bSmoothFrameRate to false though, rather than just increasing the MaxSmoothedFrameRate .

I have a fps limit in the game setup, so when the game starts:

class’Engine’.static.GetEngine().MaxSmoothedFrameRate = value;

and no problem until now.

Also I use:

class’Engine’.static.GetEngine().MinSmoothedFrameRate = 25;

if I remember, if the framerate is lower than this, the game begins to drop detail.

Thank you guys,will do it now and hopefully it wont reset again.