Announcing Substance SHARE


Substance SHARE is an online asset exchange platform for the community. Its coming this summer.

In the past year especially, we have seen a substantial amount of content being shared by our community. Substance SHARE is the platform where all this will come together, to make texturing with Substance an even more fun and social experience.

Access Substance SHARE directly within the tools and integrate it seamlessly in your workflow. Call it one more string to your bow!

Stay tuned for more information.



So, like a Steam Workshop for textures? (But with even better integration).


Will it all be free, or people have the option to charge (or the option to pay, the community is like that, sometimes).

This just drives home that fact that the only thing stopping me is my own laziness. (And having to keep this forum in order :slight_smile: ).

Yes, it will be free. I think there will be a selling option as well in the future, but for now, it will be free at start.



I don’t really understand what this is about, it seems like an app to work with textures, and this share thing… what is it about?.

Offtopic: I hate it when people refer to seasons to indicate time… summer, yeah, summer where?.

Substance is a texturing suite geared for creating PBR content. You can create full textures and materials. The materials can be used directly in UE4 using the substance plugin. You can use Painter to paint in 3D on the model and export PBR maps for UE4. The sharing site will be a community sharing portal for substance materials, textures and tools.

Yeah : ) I know summer is confusing. I guess its done as to keep the target date a bit vague to be honest : )


Got it, ty.

Nice! Is it going to be available for everyone, or just for those with substance live?

Just starting with all that substance stuff, but great news!

Hey that’s great news Wes! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

i think for everyone , you will access Substance SHARE directly within the tools.

I always enjoy seeing further updates the the Substance suite. Now if only I’d stop being bad at using these programs.

Good to see!