Announcing Section 5 of Survival Game - Networking your game

You can check that here:

The first part is expected the second when the player don’t move no.

Small question, how would you, as a UE4 programmer, and assuming it would have to be replicated and accurate, tackle the melee question? Using collision? Ray-tracing? Other methods?

I have started something for melee in the zombie code, this was grabbed from Zak’s implementation in one the punching tutorials on the wiki:

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With melee using collision volumes sounds like the most accurate approach, using begin overlaps to let the animation pass through visually, but still register the “hits” to apply damage.

Right, that looks totally weird! Thanks for letting me know, hopefully I can fix this in time…

Sorry for all the questions, but do you happen to know how performance hungry collision is vs ray tracing?

Lastly, forcing the animation to stop and ‘go back’ would it also be achievable easily?

Last question, and thank you for your tutorials :slight_smile:

  1. Hard to say without measuring and probably very scene dependent. It’s all about what you’re trying to achieve and if that requires a volume or ray rather than looking for the cheapest CPU size (because performance might not even be a problem unless it’s the bottleneck)

  2. You’re probably looking for AnimMontage, I believe you can also use a playback rate of -1 to inverse the playback of an animation. With animmontages you can jump to specific sections in a set of animations or halfway into one animation etc.

Tom will be possible to see how manage the AI in network coop for large maps, because you can’t have all map with AI at the time and will be nice to see a example about spawn AI near the players (even if the players are in different sites of the map far one of the other) ?
*And the bullet penetration ?

I hope so, we’re currently figuring out what I’ll be working on next so I can’t make any promises.

Nice, thank you!
You are awesome, this is nice community to learn, help and share :smiley: !!

*Probably here in the TPS is good idea add a simple recoil system to move the camera and back to the original position ?

I got other problem over here, when you get one cupcake after hide, you can continue getting food from and invisible object and other thing, in the cupcake settings in the BP why i got x2 times the option “Start with Tick Enabled” ?

Hi all! How i can run dedicated server for a game?

how is this game different from the rest of world game? for example counter strike, gears of war games are already there.explain why? reply ASAP

It’s not a production-ready or unique game “as such”. It is more a tutorial for using Unreal Engine to implement common game concepts into your project, so you yourself can create something new and different.

The weapon ray difference you mentioned is part of those known issues and will be fixed.

Thanks for the realease always makes these releases anticipating. And also thanks for the latest hotfixes, makes so many things better than what it already was and also fixes so many bugs and glitches.