Announcing Section #3 for Survival Game - AI & Behavior Trees

We’re announcing the third section of the survival sample game today! The documentation will be up by the end of next week, in the meanwhile you can grab the latest source at GitHub ( Which will continuously be worked on for the 12 week period! Use the tagged release for stable builds each section, once available.

UPDATE: Section 3 is now available on the UnrealEngine Wiki!

To give you an idea of what’s coming I have setup a short premise for the game:

(Please note that features are subject to change, and feedback from you is taken into account when moving forward with the game’s direction)

As mentioned in the original announcement thread of this project, there will be 6 sections total, each focusing on different gameplay concepts to help you understand how C++ works with Unreal Engine 4!

Features planned for this section:

  • Adding Enemies
  • Setup of basic AI
  • GameMode rules (Teams & Friendly Fire)

Every two weeks a new section will be announced with a new thread alongside it! Please use this thread for questions and feedback you might have!



UPDATE: Section 3 is now available on the UnrealEngine Wiki!

Nice! I started learning A.I. last week, this section will be more interesting for me!

+1 ! I’m working through the first two modules this weekend in preparation :slight_smile:

This reminds I still gotta read through section 2. Curse you GTA5 distracting me!

Excellent, the project are going being more interesting. Thanks Tom.

The solution file “.sln”. of this new Section 3, isn’t included into the project. We have to build it us?.

You need to generate .sln files locally by right-clicking the .uproject file and look for “Generate visual studio files”

Setting up a more interesting level to test out the AI and gamemode. With thanks to Osman for giving me the BSP level layout (and some may recognize from his GUNDWARF project)


Thanks for the answer!. This level it seen very well for this project.

This is a cod4 map :slight_smile:

Yes! It’s Shipment :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom for this. Really Helpful!
I want ask you, is there some reason why you have all cpp classes on the same project path?
Is this a good practice o something like that?
When i create a project, I make folders for everything, Items, UI, Environment stuff, etc, Are there any drawbacks to doing this?


There is no drawback in putting it into folders. I just like to keep it all top-level, especially with a limited project size.

But i got this in the nazi zombies XD

Will be in the 3º the crouch and run system smooth ?

Congrats to the awesome tutorial series Tom! Nice pic @Hevedy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks you :slight_smile: if from my unreleased map for COD5 :frowning:

That map looks great! I have to stick to freely available sample assets to fill up my levels unfortunately

If you need something, you can use my pack Purpleprint with CC-BY if you like.

But about the support of crouch and run with Lerp/smooth will be in that version ?

Working on AI and meanwhile I tweaked the container city map a bit to include a night variation. As with everything in the project, this is very WIP and subject to change…a lot :slight_smile:




Looks great!, I like this dark ambient. Only missing to apply the materials to give more backdrop at this scene. :slight_smile: