Announcing Front Seat Gamer podcast!

I thought this would be a nice place to plug our podcast.

We are three Game Developers who thought your traditional video game podcast were not very informative and lacked that insider perspective.
These first few episodes were very educational for us and we aim to have the audio quality up in the next show.

We are from a little country called New Zealand and work for a company called Grinding Gear Games.
Nick the host of the show is a designer and use to review games at IGN.
Blake is an environment artist and is starting to dabble in Unreal.
And I (Saveun) am a art generalist, checking quality and all that good stuff.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, we also have several contacts in the industry and would like to open the show up to interviews in the future.
Thanks for your time.

We’d also love to answer any questions you may have for us,
@FrontSeatCast on Twitter

I’ve tweeted my question. :slight_smile:

Nice initiative :wink:

Sorry, it’s taken so long, but I’ve started listening to them. :slight_smile:

It struck me as being a bit like the Midnight Resistance podcast, initially. But then they moved off games, and discussed the new Zbrush and how they liked it over Mudbox. This is more like it. There are (seemingly) a thousand podcasts about games, but not so many that cover this kind of thing in the world of games. (I’m sure there are 3D art podcasts, but this is a different world to real-time rendering, so not so useful).

I hope they keep this kind of discussion, as it differentiates them from the rest of the pack.

In all, a nice podcast and I’ve added to my list of things to listen to. Of course, this is early days, so the format could well change, but they have my subscription for now. :slight_smile: